The Story of an MGB Rebuild



This site is devoted to a project where I rebuilt my 1970 MGB. After 30 years of regular service, it reached a point where a reshell was the only option. The project took me just over a year - you can do it faster but I went steadily!

You have to have a love/hate relationship with a 1970's car. It's appalling to see how cars were built in those days but you get a real driving experience. The steering may be heavy, you might have to stamp on the brakes but they are great fun! I have to admit that I've had lots of thoroughly enjoyable trips in the MG

from being unable to put the hood up with frozen hands on the A38

to travelling north through the Midlands on a cold, winter's night with the hood down and being guided by the Hale-Bopp comet

to driving up the M6, top down, in a heavy shower at 70 (and not getting wet!)

to the joys of fresh air on a hot day when everyone else is stuffed in a can!

I haven't been able to find a decent MGB rebuild page on the web so I've tried to put down what I would like to have found out before I started.

First recommendation? Buy a digital camera - photograph everything, especially before you start taking it apart. I didn't take enough and made the same mistake when I rebuilt a Land rover 10 years later.

Second - if you can restore the original body, then do it. British Motor Heritage do a pretty good job on the shell but they're not quite there yet. Unfortunately, someone had badly bodged some repairs on my car which tilted the balance in favour of the reshell option.

Warning to Concours enthusiasts - don't go any further! I don't agree with what you do and you won't like what I've done!


PS OK, its not a particularly elegant website but I'm trying to get the basics down before I worry about the look too much!

PPS A big thank you to Heather. I know I've spent ages stuck under a car, with my nose in a PC and endlessly studying parts manuals. It'll be worth it in the end!