The Story of an MGB Rebuild


Supplier Links

Here's some links to some of the suppliers I've used.

AidPac Stainless Steel Suppliers

Stainless Steel Fasteners

If you want stainless fasteners, then Roy is your man. He's not too good at acknowledging e-mails but his delivery is first class. Roy provided almost everything I needed for fasteners.

Kevin Jones

Classic Stainless Engineering

01282 772694

Stainless Steel Fasteners & Bits

Kevin Jones has some good thick stainless washers and some 7/8" long bolts that are hard to get. I also bought the centre windscreen rod and the alternator pillar bolt/stud.

MG Owners Club

MG Parts

This is where the shell and most of the parts came from. Pretty good most of the time - their handling of small parts could be more helpful(bagged separately and labelled please!)

Moss Europe

MG Parts

The Manchester branch beats the rest hands down - phone in the morning and in the post that night. First class handling of small parts (but find some labels that are easier to get off, please!)

Vehicle Wiring Products

Electrical Parts

Virtually everything you could want to wire a car and great service - bit grumpy on the phone but I guess they're working too hard! I've bought bits from here for a number of years and they make such a contrast to the blister packs from the local accessory shop.

Welsh MG Centre

MG Parts

Saved me when everyone else let me down. They supply new and second hand parts - they helped out when a window regulator failed and supplied a good second hand one.

Windscreen Clinic

01827 383782

MG Windscreens & Quarter Lights

An expert in his field! Takes your tired old windscreen and quarter lights and gives you back new ones - well, that's what they look like. Not sure he's still going - used to advertise in the MGOC magazine.

Speedy Cables

Instrument Refurbishing

Another old to new restorer. My speedo and rev counter came back looking like new. They also supply the instrument light bulb holders which I couldn't get anywhere else.

Lancaster Engines

01524 67362

Engine Reconditioning

Straightforward. no-nonsense service! Highly recommended

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