The Story of an MGB Rebuild


Points to Ponder

I've written this page 10 years after completing the rebuild. I'm pretty satisfied with what I've achieved. To a purist, they probably wouldn't like it. To me, I've got a car that works well in modern conditions. The acid test? It has been extremely reliable. OK, the car doesn't get used excessively but it goes when I need it

  1. I'm not sure about the seats. They look nice and provide protection for a low slung car. However, they're not comfortable on a long drive.
  2. Battery connections are a long standing problem. Basically the positive terminal corrodes and the main battery to starter motor cable needs replacing every 3 years or so.
  3. The most serious problem was going up the Kendal bypass one Sunday. I happened to glance in the mirror and saw a cloud of white smoke behind. Glance at the oil pressure gauge - low and going down. Engine off immediately - fortunately the MG doesn't have power steering or brakes. I could then pull into a layby. There was a long round of cursing before I called the AA. I serioulsy thought that it was going to be a major, engine out repair. The AA man had other ideas. "Start the engine" he said. I put up a fuss, thinking that this was only going to make the damage worse. He persuaded me. "Thought so" he said. The oil pipe from the oil gauge to the union on the scuttle had broken off (only one year old from MGOC). Oil being pumped from the engine was going onto a hot engine - hence the white smoke (not black). So a free ride home and a new oil pipe to repair the problem.
  4. Over the longer term, my crude paint treatment of 2 coats Hammerite Number One Primer plus 2 coats of smooth Hammerite has worked well. (Don't use this stuff - it's rubbish in comparison). However, some of the finishes applied by the professionals have been rubbish. In particular, the cross member supplied by MGOC and the roll over suspension units have fared badly. In 2013, they all had to come off and get powder coated by Triple S in Bingley.
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